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Help needed with Korean Air War Mod

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I'm getting problems with the Korean Air War Mod.


- I installed WOV.

- I ran the Oct 2008 update

- I followed the instructions contained in the readme with the mod

- I also updated the mod with the Campaign V 2.0

- I renamed Vietnam Sea folder and cat file to desert.

- I started the game and the menu wasn't right. The menu screen had spaces for the option buttons on the right but the actual buttons appeared on the left (just like in the vanilla WOv) when the mouse cursor went over them.

- Anyway I flew a couple of single and campaign missions. They seemed fine execpt that the only ordinance the Fighter bombers (F-80 and F-84) could carry were MK-81, MK-82, MK-83. No Drop tanks were available.

- I realised that I hadn't installed the weapons pack, so I installed bunyap's 2006 weapon pack. Now when I went into the loadout screen for any of the fighters, I couldn't see any weapons!!


Can anyone help me with the menu screen and the weapons not appearing?

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menu layouts are completely different between SF and WoV. That mod was designed for SF, as it really does need the desert cat. Or, if you HAVE SF, extract the menuscreen inis, put them in the /Menu folder, and that might work.


No need to rename cats and folders --- use the catpointer line edit in the korea terrains main ini -- cant remember the link right off, but it's in the Knowldege Base, in several places. I should know, I wrote it!


buny's pak WILL work, if you run it through the 08 level weapons editor (covered in agonizing detail in the Knowledge Base)


that entire mod is exceptionally old, and really not designed for use with 08 level game installs. You -WILL- experience some "oddities" with aircraft flight models. Be advised!


A completly now, improved, and totally beyond belief version is under construction for SF2. The terrain alone will be worth the download, if I do say so myself.



kevin stein

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Is this the campaign update you applied?




This is necessary to get the campaigns and carriers to function properly.


Honestly, I would just wait for the updated version that Wrench mentioned. The old one takes a lot of work to get it working, and the quality isn't on par with what we're used to now... (no offense obviously to the creators of the first KAW mod!).

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