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[Fictional] Hawker Harrier Mk.59 'Argentina'

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[Fictional] Hawker Harrier Mk.59 'Argentina'

Hawker Harrier Mk.59 for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2


This is a very simple mod of wpnssgt's cracking little AV-8S 'Matador' to give a fictional Harrier Mk.59 as it might have appeared in service with the Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina and fictional markings are included for 3ra Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Caza y Ataque (3rd Fighter/Attack Squadron).





1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the HARRIER_MK59 folder into your Aircraft folder.


2. From the WEAPONS folder drag and drop the TANK_AV8S_COAN folder into your Weapons folder.


3. From the DECALS folder sprinkle the contents into your main Decals folder.


Do not just move the folder! You must empty the contents in.





Massive thanks to wpnssgt for the 3D model. Having only joined this community in early 2008 I'm guessing that this predates the Harrier contained in Wings Over Europe and, if so, then fair play - it's a beaut! As I've said before, "there's gold in them thar archives"!


Thanks also to C5 for the FM and Sundowner for the cool 'Spainish Armada' skin.


And, as always, big thanks to TK for the continuous improvement of a great little game/sim.


And thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community.






Version 1 - 10/10/10




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