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A request for a set of serial number decals

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(I still don't know how to create decals. I don't have Photoshop, I tried with Gimp, Paint.net, I tried decals tutorials, I checked the Knowledge Base : nothing shows up)


Is there somebody kind enough to create a set of serial numbers for the Israel Defense Force F-4 Kurnass?

I ask for tail numbers prefixed with 3. For example 300, 301, 302, 303, 304 ...


I tried to modify the stock decals but I failed.

I don't know how to create the number file.LST neither.



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If you're planning on historical numbers, having the full list (as used by the IDF) is essential ... i seem to recall the USNAttackNum or USNFighterNum (ie: modex number) have a 300 series. You'll have to extract them to check, however. They should be in the Object.cat. Pull the sequence you need, rename to fit the situation, place in decals folder, edit decals ini to match, and there ya go.


look at at stock numbers.lst, and you'll see how it's done ... it's just a simple text file, with "items" listed in a vertical column, in whatever order you create the decals ini










"save as..." numbers.lst. Nothing to it.



kevin stein

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Ok, thank you very much Wrench!


It was the best thing to do and it worked perfectly :good:


I'll try to release the result...

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