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F-101 drop tank loadouts

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I was wondering if there is a way to load just one of the two external tanks on the F-101B. I have seen a lot of pictures of F-101B's with just the starboard tank attached. You would think this would be unbalanced, but it was a common practice. It is even visible in the famous Voodoo scene in The Russians Are Coming! Each of those Voodoos has only the right tank attached. I guess you would have to have separate left and right fuel tank loadout stations. I have no idea how to do that, or if it is possible. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Backup your Data.ini First!!


If you look at the _Data.ini (open it with a txt editor)There are callouts for diffrent skined droptanks, In the

// Weapon Stations ----- Section


Left and right stations ,[LeftStation1] [RightStation1] to [LeftStation4][RightStation4] For Diffrent skined tanks Just change Say all the Left ones from "StationGroupID=2" to StationGroupID=4 and you should be able to load only one at a time, Also this won't affect the _Loadout .ini you may have to drop one tank from the Loadout Menu. You have to change all of the one side or the other and just the ones that say "AllowedWeaponClass=FT"





StationGroupID=2 <----------------Change to 4














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it's called "splitting the hardpoints", and all you change, like Raven said, is the StationGroupID number, leaving the StationID number alone. That's the one the loadoutini uses



kevin stein

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Thanks for the fast reply guys!!! I tried this and it works like a charm! I had tried screwing around with the StationGroupID, but couldn't get it right. Raven's method worked perfectly. Thanks again guys, that's exactly what I was looking for!

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