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Trouble with size of page

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I guess it has to be some trouble with my setup, but lately i´m having trouble with letters, icons etc... being downsized notably, since i changes my modem. So far i can still read it, but everything is like 1/2 it´s size compared to the screen. I use Google Chrome and Windows Vista, and the trouble is not when i use Mozilla in the university computers. Is there anyway to solve this? Anything on my config? Thanks a lot


PS Now that i remember, the new modem includes a WiFi emitter. While trying this on another computer, i entered this account, and everything hardly fitted in the screen. May it have changed the setup automatically?

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This sounds like the zoom size has been changed. The zoom increases or decreases the text size / page size depending on browsers. The zoom can usually be found in the browser's "View" menu. Most browsers use the [ CTRL ] + [ + ] or the [ CTRL ] + [ - ] to zoom in or out. Additionally some browsers have a reset like [ CTRL ] + [ 0 ].


Let me know what browser you are using and see if you can find a zoom level setting to reset or change to adjust the text size. As a side note this may also be a resolution setting in your graphics card.


Keep me posted.



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