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Herr Prop-Wasche

HPWDM 2.3 update

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HPWDM 2.3 update

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The 2.3 update for my DM is now ready! What was once a fairly minor change has morphed into something a little larger. Here are the major highlights:




--Hit points for elevator and rudder cables reduced in all aircraft.


--Probability of "hit" to aileron cables reduced in all aircraft. Hit points on aileron cables also reduced.


--Hit points for observer/rear-gunner reduced slightly.


--Hit points for central fuel tank increased slightly in several aircraft, particularly Nieuport's, DR1, and DH5.


--Rate of fuel loss due to hits to central fuel tank adjusted in all aircraft.


--Adjusted frequency of oil leaks from damage to nose and oil reservoir in several aircraft.


--Spad's, DH2's, SE5a, and all Albatros and Nieuport types somewhat less likely to catch fire. Roland, Hannover, and DFW somewhat more likely to catch fire.


--Probability of "hit" to left and right gear reduced slightly in all aircraft, hopefully reducing number of crashes due to collapsed landing gear just a bit.


--Hit points to wings and wingtips of Fokker Triplane reduced slightly.


--Corrected error in DH2_early models which caused central fuel tank to be only half-strength.


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Hi Herr Prop-Wasche


Thank you very much for this update! :good:


I’ve downloaded and will test later today! :cool:





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