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Wait, what?

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Observe the US power to seize domain names located on its territory! :grin:


For a first stike it's almost perfect. The list is posted at the first link of the article. A single torrent search engine out of many, and a pack of bootleg goods dealers. No one cares. But now they have a precedent and might use it to remove stuff from the Internets as they see fit.

That's not even using freshly passed COICA, which allows them to block a website from DNS at will.

Guys, what's going on out there???

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You can bring up the notice by going to one http://icqshoes.com/


There is nothing to say where those sites actually were now the names all point back to the same server - so not much to go on.


Bottom line is - whoever is in control of the Internet infrastructure will want to excert some level of control over it (now they know what it is)! Moving to a decentralised structure where countries own governments control it means more or less control (look at Chinas efforts for example) - people might have a lot more to moan about.


The extra control was inevitable especially due to the amount of trade and commerce now done over it - the days where people can do what they like regardless of morals or values could be on their way out - particularly where it interferes with economic or security interests.


As for the future of the net - its up to them it seems.

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