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Country Flag Set for Terrains #1

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Country Flag Set for Terrains #1

Country Flag Pak #1 -


= For SF/WoV/WoE/WoI/FE, and all SF2/FE2 series terrains


This includes MANY of the country flags that I've used on several terrain mods, more or less packaged together for other budding Terrain Engineers ™, and any other that might need them, to add to whatever terrain they might fit on. Many of these are already out, in the myriad of terrains mods I've done. But this will make it a bit easier to find them. There are also many being held back, for use on forth-coming terrains (Central America, for example) Some are used on terrain still 'in the works', but being released here anyway (examples: India-Pak, Iran/Iraq).


The lods and inis are all in ANSI, making the fully usable in ALL 3rdWire games.


This pak includes (with their actual part name): Listed in no particular order.....


- WW1:


Imperial Germany - IGFlag (good for First Eagles)

RFC - RFCFlag (WW1 Royal Flying Corp -uses RFFlag.bmp)


- WW2:


Imperial Japan - ijflag (Rising Sun-burst)

Nazi Germany - 3rflag (swastika)

Italy (fascist) - itflag (House of Savoy sheild)

USA - USFlag (48 stars -good until 1959)


- Post-WW2 and Later:


USA - AMFlag (50 stars)

Iraq - IQFlag

Israel - isflag

Egypt - egflag

NATO - NOFlag (Yes, "NO" should be Norway, I'll that that one probably as NW)

Netherlands - NLFlag

Belgium - BLFlag

UK - UKFlag

Saudi Arabia - SDFlag

Playboy Bunny - pbflag

West Germany - GWFlag

East Germany - GEFlag

Russia - RUFlag (ok, Soviet Union -- it's still Russia to me!!)

Canada - CAFlag

Spain - ESFlag

China - CHFlag (PRC)

Global Sedition - GSFlag (the new style, 'dagger-through-the-earth')

Greece - GCFlag

France - FRFlag

Indonesia - INDFlg

India - INFlag

Iran - IRFLag

Italy - ITmodn (post WW2)

Japan - JPFlag (post WW2)

Libya - LYFlag

Malta - MLFlag

Madagasscar - MDFlag

North Korea - NKFLag

NorAm Alliance - ALFlag (new style North American Alliance, against the Global Sedition)

Pirate 1 - P1Flag

Pirate 2 - P2Flag (both seen on the Canary Island map)

Australia - OZFlag

Saudi Arabia - SDFlag

SEATO - SEATOF (South-East Asia Treaty Org)

United Nations - UNFLag

Tunisia - TUFlag

Red Cross - RdCros (for hospitals, aid stations, etc)

RAF - RAFFlg (British Royal Air Force)

RN - RNFlag (British Royal Navy the "White Ensign")

Turkey - TKFlag

Argentina - ARFlag

Taiwan - RCFlag (Republic of China)

North Vietnam - NVFlag

Viet Cong - VCFlag

South Vietnam - SVFlag

Pakistan - PKFLag

Qatar - QTFlag

Bahrain - BHFlag


I know I had others, but can't seem to find them! I can always remake them, or make new ones to "fill in the blanks" (especially for Europe ... a LOT more will be/ARE needed)


It is ALSO highly reccomended you READ this entire document through before trying to use the parts included in this package. If you don't, you're SURE to run into problems. And then, we'll clown on you. HARD, and mercilessly. Because we're just that way :grin:


Happy Terrain Building!!


Kevin Stein


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Thank you very much Kevin

This comes very well for a MOD Salute.gif

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Nice one Kev :clapping:


This'll come in handy for situations like mine last night, Well done bud.

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it was actually your query on "where's the soivet flag?" that motivated me to assemble this. Hope it helped!



kevin stein

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