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Persian Gulf Terrain

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I have installed the new Persian Gulf terrain in my WOE. The missions run correctly all the times, but when I end the mission, instead of returning to the debrifing as normally, the game crush

and an error message on WOE appears.

I have Windows XP operative system and I have followed the instructions to use CatFile=..\GermanyCE\GermanyCE.cat for WOE.

Thanks to everyone can give me some help.unknw.gif

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I tested it in couple of missions and had never had CTD. Are you sure, that it has something to do with the terrain?

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Just to say i'm not having the CTD on my side I have it installed to my ODS install, The one question i have is there anyway to set it up to just use ODS Tile sets?

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I, personally, wouldn't use the GermanyCE for the cat pointer ... Gepard only supplied the new road tiles he made. The rest of the desert tiles aren't included; I'd point it to the Desert.cat, or obtain the stock Desert tiles and install them.





well, as it uses the desert tiles, and the ODS set uses desert tile nameing conventions ....


I'd say yes




don't forget it's still a beta, missing all the city tiles, lots of transitions, and such, AND the desert road tiles won't match the ODS set ... I'd not reccomend it. (unless you're good a making new tiles ie: converting/modifying the roads to use the desert background)


I'd wait for Gepard to finish it. There are MAJOR differences in ALL the transitions in the ODS set, as compared to the stock desert tile set



kevin stein

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