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Lt. James Cater

Looking At A New Computer...

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I got nailed hard by a virus attack yesterday and though i've gotten everything prety much restored or sorted out, Nvidia no longer handles XP updates for my video drivers so that's pretty much a dead end.


I've been meaning to get a new comp for a year or so to be that could handle the the WO*2 series as well as the stuff up in RP 6 in WOV that brings my current machine to a crawl (Emachines T3120) as well as handling a few other things as well. I intend to retire the T3120 from gaming use and just use it for general use


Funny enough, one of the first things i found when i looked online was another E-machines product. The price is right and it's easliy available to me out in the middle of nowhere. First though i'd figure on asking for the opinions of others here.


Processor (speed, L2 cache, FSB)

AMD Athlon™ II X2 Processor 255 (3.1GHz | 2MB total cache)

Preloaded Operating System

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Video Graphics

Integrated Graphics; NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150 SE

Serial ATA Hard Drive

1TB SATA (green product - variable RPM)


3072MB DDR2 dual channel (1 × 2048MB, 1 × 1024MB)

Maximum Memory

4 GB


Think it's worthwhile?

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I think that if you look a bit more, you can get a better system, like a AM2 or AM3 socket from AMD, (AMD Phenom and Phenom II) and some DDR3 RAM memory, but it`s my opinion, i'm about even to change mine, but i build my own computers, and ATI 57XX aren`t that expensives either, but, again, is my opinion.


Regards James and long time not seeing you.

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Hey Flogger!


As it turns out i found a compatible driver and things are back to normal though i'm still looking for something new. It's just a first look as i'm just beginning a new search. The one i'm looking at now is an Emachines ET1331-45, priced at about $350. All i'm looking for is the comp itself as i'm satisfied with the keyboard and monitor i currently use. I had a roommate a few years ago who built and sold systems so i was really lucky at the time since i knew what hardware i needed to hot rod my budget brand computer and he had the know how to get it put together. Too bad i lost contact with him!


Before i forget, remember your thread aabout the MIG25 and the problems you had with it's speed? Fly the recce version in ODS and it's the next best thing to flying an SR-71. Granted it's a hell of a lot harder vs F-14s and F-15s.

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I'm leery of buying anything without some kind of uber-video card for gaming. I see you'll have an integrated video card. Don't know what your budget is like, but any modern game benefits a lot form a powerful video card. They pass a lot of the processing requirements to video nowadays.

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