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Gratuitous Puppy Picture

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We breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks ( AK the 'African Lion Dog' )


Here is one of the current litter :-







Cute isn't he ? :cool:

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Woof !!! and many regards from Jessie and Lilly ....:grin:





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You wouldn't think that little guy was bred to hunt Lions would you ? :grin:


But wait till he's 3 years old, weighs 80lbs, can run like the wind and is capable of jumping high enough to bite a 6 foot human in the throat.....


Not that the Ridgeback is a nasty dog, we love them because they are chilled out. Not like one of those high strung breeds who attack from fear and insecurity like the Alsation.


The Ridgeback knows that he's a badass and doesn't need to prove it every 5 seconds with barking and posturing. The only time you'll hear them 'woof' is if there is something that REALLY needs woofing at. They walk quietly and carry a big stick :grin:

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