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  1. Last Minute Reprieve

    Now that's a happy pooch. He fell on his feet, didn't he ?
  2. I'm back after a year

    ODS, DLC ? it's like reading an F-16 flight manual I got it all figured out though, helped in the second case by a visit to the Third Wire site...
  3. I'm back after a year

    Cheers ! - a perfect excuse to buy SF2 then ( I currently only have SF2 WOV and WOI, not SF2 itself ) Just hope my missis see's it that way, I'll have to do it on her Paypal...
  4. I'm back after a year

    I really don't think anyone will remember me, but what the hell, I'm back :) We emigrated to Spain and now live on a little farm in the mountains with no phone TV or internet. But a year later we finally got something called WiMax so I'm back online. Must see what Third Wire mods are new....
  5. happy independence day Israel .

    Happy Birthday from me
  6. Rememberence Day

  7. It's all good, but if you try that in the Vietnam theatre then you'll be toast. Charlie just loves a low angle rocket or guns pass, you spend the maximum amount of time in his most effective AAA envelope that way. It's possibly suitable for attacking NVA bicycles in South Vietnam, in the absence of any serious AAA - but don't take those tactics up North
  8. Perhaps they should read the Manual?

    The Enfield scope IS mounted over the centreline of the bore ( if you mean the No4T and L42A1 Enfields ) The sight on the Gimpy has to be offset because otherwise it would prevent the feed tray from opening when loading the weapon. In practical terms having a sight offset doesn't matter too much, except for precision shooting. I have used offset sights ( PSO's etc ) on AK's and an SVD - the shift in point of aim isn't really significant over the distances you would be shooting such a weapon. BTW - I'll be in Spain from mid-March onwards, if you want that beer I promised to buy you then PM me
  9. That's a great read, thanks. Your username seems really familiar Beach, have you written some stuff about sim racing as well ?
  10. If you have an older machine like mine, dual core, then you'll see a quite significant increase in frame rates. Value for money is a subjective thing, but I'm very, very pleased with SF2.
  11. Help needed for a Nerf problem

    Thanks for introducing me to the world of Nerf. I didn't think there was anything gayer than airsoft, but now I know better
  12. Poyekhali! April 12 1961 50 years ago

    Damn right
  13. Iron Dome is doing a Great job.

    I hope it keeps you guys safe. Israel forever !
  14. CETME

    OF COURSE WE WANT PICTURES !!!!!! :grin:
  15. I keep thinking about building an aeroplane for our cat, and teaching him how to fly. It's a bit of an unrealistic proposition though, so I'll probably make him a little motorbike first and start him off that way I used to work for a now defunct UK motorcycle dealership, and the managing director ( who was a bit of a 'character' to say the least ) owned a light aircraft. There was a stretch of open countryside at the back of the main shop where I was a mechanic and one day he flew over to demonstrate to us what an ace pilot he was, diving under the power lines crossing the fields ( about 25ft AGL I'd guess ) Someone got the registration of his aircraft though, complained, and the CAA took his licence away from him. I didn't have a huge amount of sympathy. While the world needs nutters who push the envelope, but I'm not sure it needs nutters who might crash an aeroplane into your house just because they want to show off

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