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Guest rscsjsuso5

small movie help

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Guest rscsjsuso5

to the community have not post for very very long time but have been a spectator in the backgrounds. this topic is for fun in contrast with modding.


I'm searching for a movie that is based on a fighter jet made in the UK .


we know that topgun =usa=f14 (most of us already know what its about and so no keywords to search)


we know that mirror wars = russia =su27/35 YouTube - keywords to search on ytube - "Zerkalnye Voiny"


we know that sky fighters = france = mirage2000 YouTube - keywords to search on ytube - "Sky fighters - Les chevaliers du ciel 2005 (ITA)"


we know that their is a movie also called sky fighters for china based on the j-10 http://chinesemov.com/2011/Sky%20Fighters.html


now what about the UK ?


i'm trying to expand the list to include other nations as well and not only nations that have permanent seats to the un.


hope some of you can help and add and expand to the list , have fun and it can be of modern jets to old time planes trying to expand the fun time at the movies.



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Not aware of anything modern - there might have been a Tornado in Independence Day for about 1 second :grin:


Hollywood type feature films:


Battle of Britain

633 Squadron

Reach for the Sky

The Dambusters

Malta Story

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assuming you're speaking of feature films...


Breaking the Sound Barrier (lots of neat stuff!)


No Highway in the Sky (not so much for the Reindeer, but stuff at Farnborough)


there's a "Movie Page" on my site, while not updated for several years ..... is/was fairly comprehensive

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