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Monitor Puzzle

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Evening (NSW time) all,


I'm new here, although I have flown OFF for a year or so.


Have struck a problem with running OFF since acquiring a 27 inch 1920x1080 monitor.


FRPS are way down compared to my previous 22 inch 1680x1050 screen: 6-8 Vs 30-45. That's no good at all. In fact OFF is unflyable and, believe me, I have tried.


I have checked the new resolution in OFF Workshop, NVIDIA control Panel and Windows. All ok.


Sliders set at 52251.


My system: E6850, 8600 GT, 2G RAM, Vista


Have I missed something here ?


I am more curious than anything as the whole debacle spurred me into updating the entire system: 2500K, GTX 570 OC, 8G RAM, Windows7.


Many thanks for a great forum to go with an extraordinary sim.


Bar steward...

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Hi Uncleal.


thanks for your reply and sorry for any confusion - I should have been clearer.


Do not get the new system until later this week. The low frame rates are with the E6850/8600GT/Vista set-up.


I expect you are right abt Vista, this is the first real prob I've had tbh.


Not very used to posting so apols if the reply is a bit out of kilter.









Please Excuse . . . I'm a bit confused after reading your post. Does the Low FPS condition exist presently with the Windows 7 rig




Did the condition exist, prior to the upgrade to Windows 7 ?. . . If that's the case . . . you've stumbled onto one of reasons why Microsoft came out with Windows 7 when it did


The utter unpredictability of VISTA . . which I'm glad I never had to deal with. My last rig was in XP



If you're presently having the low FPS woes . . . I'd look at the monitor. . as I've run a 27" for quite awhile . . .and when I got Windows 7, it installed it on it's own . . which totally surprised me . . .I had the Driver Disc in my hand


Which causes me to think of an interesting possibility


Is the Windows 7, distributed Down Under, lacking that feature ?


I'd run the installation disc

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