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As if it was painted for Widowmaker

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Major William Barker VC, DSO - Nearly an Ace in a Day

Air Combat Art by Ivan Berryman

Flying Sopwith Snipe E8102 on 27th October 1918, Major William Barker

encountered a flight of fifteen Fokker D.VIIs and decided to take them on

single handed. Having downed one enemy aircraft, Barker was wounded

in his left thigh and momentarily fainted.

Coming to, he found another D.VII ahead of him and immediately resumed

the battle. Another bullet now tore into his right leg and another shattered

his left elbow. Despite his terrible injuries, Barker shot down three D.VIIs

and drove the others off before crash landing his bullet-riddled Snipe in

friendly territory. He survived the crash and was awarded the VC for his

gallantry on this epic flight.


If this painting is correct, Barker's opponent here was from Jasta 15 - a good German Staffel.

Prints of this painting are available from CRANSTON'S FINE ARTS.



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That's a real fine painting there Olham. I have an empty patch of wall above my simpit that's begging for some paintings/photos. My military interests are so varied that I don't know what to put there but it may be an eclectic mix of American Civil War, World War I and World War II but I'll definitely keep this guy in mind.

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