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[Fictional] IAI/Mikoyan Gurevych MiG-29I Shu'Al (Fox)

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[Fictional] IAI/Mikoyan Gurevych MiG-29I Shu'Al (Fox)

IAI/Mikoyan Gurevych MiG-29I Shu'Al (Fox) for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2 (Israel or Merged)


I modded the MiG-29 from The Mirage Factory to make it look like a fictional fighter and recon plane for the israeli air force.




During the first Iraq War in 1991, a group of iraqi MiG-29 decided to desert trying to escape the fate their comrades faced against the overwhelming power of the USAF, US Navy and their allies. Their escape ended over the Golan Heights, where they were intercepted by a entire squadron of F-15 Baz and F-16 Netz patrolling. Due to some misunderstanding between the deserters and the defending pilots, two MiG-29 were shot down and the remaining ones got escorted to the Ramat David Airbase.


Israel handed the pilots over to the US for further interrogation and kept the MiGs for studies. The capabilities of the plane convinced the commanders of the IDF. Israel offered Mikoyan Gurevych a offer for the license they could not refuse to accept, since MiG suffered a lot financially after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The MiG-29 was modified by IAI. Two years later, the first MiG-29I Shu'Al did it's maiden flight on the 24th of June 1993.





1. Drop the folders into your MODS Folder. If asked to overwrite, click yes.





All credit belongs to ALL the members of The Mirage Factory for their fantastic work they did with this model.

Special credit goes to Oliver Anguille for his effort and hard work. May he rest in peace.


Also big thanks to dast24 for porting the plane to SF2-Standards. A job well done.



Old readme from the original SFP1-Model is included.



For any further questions don't hesitate to contact me.



Kindest regards




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hey man! Just a question! For some reason, the desert skin won't show up! I installed everything correctly *I think* but the MiG-29 appears in plain Grey scheme...thanks for your help! :)

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