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Some Pic of My New Project

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Okay, in past I have mentioned that I used to play WH40K. I've "retired" from table top gaming but I found a renewed passion for building models after a 5 year LOA. Here are a few picks of some figures I have been working on. The heads are from MaxMini.eu and are about 7 USD for 10 of them. the rest of the lads are GW plastic. The building was a prop I built for the hobby shop I "lived' in until it closed in 2006. These figures are a 10 hour investment in time and effort, but for being away form this hobby for around 5 or 6 years not too bad, IMHO :unsure:













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I play WH40K on my PC once in a while. I traded in my figurines for an LCD screen...

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Thanks for the Holy S**t comment, I really appreciate it considering that I have not touched a model kit of any type in over five years. At one point I had a display case at the local hobby shop filled with 30 plus Games Workshop vehicle kits. Most were custom builds like my tank recovery vehicle. Sadly most have broken by my step daughter and her friends when they would just toss the boxes they were stored in onto a work bench with no heed to what was inside. I do have a couple of items that are still presentable and I may post pics of them later.


As to the images I posted, what you see is an accumulation of skills that had thier beginning when I was 8 years old. From 97-06 I had the money and opportunity to by massive amounts of kits at a single time and build a section of troops or support form my IG army every week. I was also buliding kits for the store as well as terrain items. Most of the terrain disappeared when Riverview closed but they sometimes appear aat the store that I now do business with. It's funny when I get a call that one of my pieces has surfaced and the chump that was trying to sell it has to explain why the bottom of his "work" has "STOLEN FROM RIVERVIEW HOBBY" on the underside as well as my real name, Navy rate (AO1) and the the code number for one of HCS-5's Ordnance shop's tool boxes. One guy was in shock when he turned around and saw me walk in as he was trying to make a barter trade with a piece that I spent two weeks getting it to look just right for photo shoots.


One thing you all may notice, I don't paint the eyes of my mini's. That's because at a normal viewing distance they would look like the poor guy is on some kind of really bad mix of speed and acid. Unless the facial features are really defined my routine is paint the face, apply a wash, dry brush first with the primary color and work up with lighter shades and smaller width flat brushes. As much as it pains me to admit, I learned the art of dry brushing from a gamer who does 28mm works of art. I gave up asking other modelers for advice or instruction long ago, to ask a modeler around here how to dry brush gets the reaction that I had asked to have a go with his wife. ( I bet given a choice I would be allowed the go with the old lady.) I may start a blog here on modeling if there is some interest.

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The grey monstrosity and the sand 4x4 are WIP


Support Vehicle / Infantry

Base kit was a GW Leman Russ, ends were swapped and sides top and rear built up using plastic sheet laminated to the desired thickness. Fenders were tops and bottoms of the Russ's side sponsons. Turret is a Forge World resin piece.


Light Scout Vehicle / Desert


Converted Ork War Truk

Gun is a resin piece from Max Mini. Still needs lots of work to add crew, ammo cans, feed chutes and other details to make it look lived in.


Light Scout Vehicle / Fire Support


Converted Ork War Truk

This was my first major conversion using the then Vehicle Design Rules. I had a three truck fast attack unit configured for max damage, this was the equivalent of 6 heavy weapon teams, really nasty if things worked out well on the table.

Driver and commander were bashed with ork lower torso and legs "humie" upper torso and heads and in the drivers case ork arms to steer with as well. The gunner was bashed with plastic legs and the metal upper half of the original Catachan heavy bolter gunner. If I remember I spent about 30 hours on this one. As you can see some parts are broke off and need to be replaced but it still looks good for a ten year old model that was actually used to game with.





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Now for a couple of old figures,


First one of my display items for the hobby shop. She's probably one of the first female minis that I ever painted and based. Painting was the hard part, do you know how difficult it is to get the seams of her tights straight?





This guy was a real chore, he started off as a Cawdor heavy from the old Necromunda game. After some major body work with my Dremel tool, ( Oy! Off wif his 'ed lads! ) and some resculpting of his clothes, he got a new head from a WHFB sprue and became a grenadier for the IG.



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