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AviatikD.I aileron damage too easy

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I've noticed that the AviatikD.I's ailerons damage way to easily when doing hard turns or pitching up too hard at around 95-120mph. Where in the DATA.ini do I correct this. Everytime I engage the enemy my ailerons crap out and the plane rolls really slow.

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Hello, Quack! I'm sorry to say, but you are experiencing the same issues than real Austro-Hungarian pilots! The Aviatik D.I had structural failures in upper wings when pulled too hard. The ace Frank Linke-Crawford died this way in July 31 1918 fighting the Italian 81 Squadriglia planes. These structural failures were the main reason for Austro-Hungarian pilots flying The Albatros or Phoenix when available instead the Aviatik.

If you don't like this way, go to Data file an search for the MaxG entry and/or the DeffaultArmorThickness and set them at your own taste......Or simply fly it properly and not so hard maneouvering.

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