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Rafale B Flight Model Beta 1

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Rafale B Flight Model Beta 1

this is a new flight model for A-Team's rafale b released under beta 1



this flight model shall fix all the problems in flight that you had with the one comes with rafale b from a-team website


--- IN THIS FM :


landing gears fixed

pylons and missiles rail added

ai going to use new radar system as called RBE2 AESA radar

chaffs flares and ECM systems added

brand new control systems

all new engines



how to use :


firstly you have to download the rafale b from A-Team website



NOTE : you must have membership in order to download it

once you download the aircraft head here and download the FM

after downloading the FM do the flowing


extract rafale b.rar to your HDD

copy rafale b.ini to your rafale b directory

replace if ask and rename if needed

- play



Credit :

A-Team \ model and avionics

Me \ flight model


thanks for everybody who gave me advises and helped me making this FM


enjoy it






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thanks guys


please report me any problem in the FM for fixing it in the next update

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Runs out of fuel quickly, even at 100% fuel load.




true , sorry for that mistake

for quick resolve do the flowing ...

open up your rafale b_data.ini and press ctrl + g type 1852 in box








MaxFuelAmount=705 ----------------------------------------------- > change it to 3705



MinExtentPosition=-0.32, 2.636,0.293

MaxExtentPosition= 0.32, 1.686,-0.426



i recommend everyone to use external tanks , rafale B is a light jet without external tanks i cant grant long range flying also for dogfight try to drop external tanks for maximum manuaver ability


good luck

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