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two questions for ... monday?

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ok so twofer should have waited til tommorow but my CRS won't let me wait that long. :grin:

1 are there any other skins for the E-3A? in particular looking for a run of the mill NATO skin.

2 can lights be made small and square? like the landing lights on the nose of shortnosed Phantoms? there is a landing light set in Gen one that does work save a lil positional adjusting(know how to do that) but it is big compared to the door and round. any help as always is appriciated.

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unfortunatly, all lights appear round. No 4652 headlights, sorry!


If they 'look' too large, make them dimmer.


Brightness= (usuall number is 0.10)


for 2-light systems, stay around 0.06


as to the Sentry skin ??? :dntknw: ???

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ok so i need to make em small, and pop two on either side of the center line. and tweak and startup and curse the misplacement. rinse wash repeat!

as to the Sentry i know its generally found in NF series, who does it belong to? a NATO-OTAN skin shouldn't be to hard i think. Luxembourg serials....hmmmmm

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