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ok, so i have a problem with my loadouts, on the tornado f3 and gr1 i cannot put external fuel tanks even though they are in my wepaons and also in the tornados loadout.ini so i dont know whats happened do i need a new weapones pack? because also i dont have the RAF desert ECM and chaff dispensers :| oh yeah same goes for f18 hornet

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When you installed those birds did they come with the stores you are missing in the loadout? If they did you will have to add them to your weapon dat ini file. It's a copy/paste job, all the entries should be in a read me some where in the download. All you have to do is this....


Find the read me with the ini entries and copy those lines


Open the weapon ini with notepad and scroll down to the bottom of the list that's where you paste the copy


Change the xx or xxx in the weapon title to the next consecutive number in the list


Save your changes and close the file


Now run the weapon edit and use it to open the weapon ini


Hit save and close the editor


If the loadout entries are there for the stores then they should show, make sure you are using the latest WE if you have the game fully patched to 08 standard.

Hope this helps you out.

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