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  1. I have been looking for tips on the operation desert storm campaign but couldnt find any decent help, so forgive me if i'm repeating something i have missed, i am flying SEAD/DEAD Missons with the F-4G and have also tried F-111 missions now however i fly SAM's will lock on to me, wether i fly really high at a decent distance or very low, or i've even tried a bit of .... you could compare to reverse psychology in flying right up to the SAM's via the location on the map, but you can guess the obvious outcome of that, and i can not lock on to any SAM's or hardly any ground targets only when WOE decides to target something automatically............................................ BUT my main question is how the hell do i deal with SAM's whatever i do they just blow me out of the sky :/
  2. can you convert sfp2 terrains to sfp1/woe i have tried to find the answer but can't obviously resulting in this topic......................................i haven't tried it without converting as i thought its a guarantee that it won't work. oop typo................................... "converting" lolol
  3. AnatoliaProject_Version1.7z

    Is there an sfp1 version anywhere?
  4. Buccaneer RAF and RAFG for SF1 only

    Yes, thats a ghood point haha!, also one last question, do you know what terrains were used in some of the loading screen-shots?
  5. I tried re-installing to a different directory but it says it can't as there is already an install, and i don't have a second PC, nevermind
  6. Can i download the default germany terrain from anywhere? because i downloaded a file and it has over-written the original
  7. Buccaneer RAF and RAFG for SF1 only

    oh its german for CTRL :), is there away to make the window wiper stay on constantly? or longer?
  8. Buccaneer RAF and RAFG for SF1 only

    Functions, strg+0 what does "strg" mean? or what key?
  9. ok, so i have a problem with my loadouts, on the tornado f3 and gr1 i cannot put external fuel tanks even though they are in my wepaons and also in the tornados loadout.ini so i dont know whats happened do i need a new weapones pack? because also i dont have the RAF desert ECM and chaff dispensers :| oh yeah same goes for f18 hornet
  10. Ok, so for some reason my wingmen keep flying unarmed which is really annoying, how can i resolve this? also is there a way to make animations maual, i have a helicopter MH-60G and when i take off all the doors open and that should obviously be the other way round, any help is appreciated, cheers :D
  11. B-1B Operation Enduring Freedom

    where do i get the B-1B from, ive looked everywhere but cant find it, can you link me?

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