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Factory-fresh generic Albatros D.Va skins for you

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During the last weeks I have been working on these factory-fresh Albatros D.Va skins,

which I hadn't completed without the help of the other enthusiasts named below.

I made two download packages; one for the Johannisthal-built 1917 and 1918 version,

and one for the OAW 1917 and 1918 build.

Here is a copy of the text which you will also find in the download section:


ALBATROS D.V and D.Va Factory-new Johannisthal & OAW Skins / 1917 and 1918


Since several OFF-simmers had asked for generic skin templates which

they could paint their own emblems or decorations on to, I have made

four such templates for the Albatros D.Va.

All four present the facory-new Albatros D.Va, freshly delivered.

I know that many of you are into weathering effects. Well, such effects

can much easier be added to a new plane, than to be removed. So please

feel free to add as much weathering and battle-wearing as you like.


While the D.V was only built by Albatros-Werke Johannisthal, the D.Va

was also produced at "Ostdeutsche Albatros-Werke" (OAW). I got a lot

of help (see below) about the details of these builds; the guys told

me several differences between the two production lines.

Many may regard these as minor ones, and perhaps call us "nitpickers",

but we wanted to get it pretty close.


The differences I regarded here are these:


1. while Albatros Johannisthal used salmon ribtape on the wings,

while OAW used light blue tape.


2. The crosses on the fuselage sides were further back on the

Johannisthal planes than on the OAW built ones.


3. The weight tables were different


4. The factory placards were placed under the cockpit for OAW-built,

and on the side of the nose on the Johannisthal built ones.


5. The Albatros-Logo was looking in flight direction on the Johannis-

thal-, and rearwards on the OAW-built ones.


Finally, there is proof that the rudder was covered mostly with upper

dark Lozenge, but there are also photos with light underside fabric.

I didn't find any evidence so far for the OAW using the light, and

Johannisthal the dark fabric, but I wanted to present both versions

and so I did it that way.


The helping hands, brains & eyes on this project were from:


elephant - nitpicking corrections and detail


Jim JFM Miller - detail pictures and facts


Dave "Blowhard" Douglas - metal parts and wheel


Without your help I wouldn't have got so far - thank you guys!

I also wish to thank the OBD skinners for the countless skins with all

the historical details - you guys lured me into this hobby with your work.





Unzip the file(s) and move them into this folder:


[your sim] > campaigns > CampaignData > skins


You may change the Jasta number, but you must not - if you leave it No. 1,

you would always find the skin faster in the briefing screen, where you

select a personal skin. Scroll below the historical ace skins, and mine

will be among the first skins.

You can, for your identification, change the names "Johannisthal" or "OAW"

into something personal, but keep the ending .dds - otherwise it won't work.


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Thank you, sir!


I sorta like those Albs in their pretty brown wrappings.


My ex would say that fits with my personality! :smile:

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I don't know how I could miss the Official release of this! :yikes:

The skins look fantastic and I know how hard work this project required! :good:

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Beautiful skins Olham, fine work as per your usual standards Sir. Many thanks for sharing these with us. :good:



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