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Editing missions

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RB3d had cm11 which allows users to change certain things in allocated missions.

Wondering if OFF has something similar. And if not, is it possible to change an "ini" file for a campaign mission?

Having problems with way points using Bletch's mods, and the normal missions for campaign seem a bit wrong.

It may of happened, maybe a lot???, but it seems that sending 6 machines with escort for a spotting or recce a bit much.

Would be nice to have 2-3 max unless the its a squadron show.



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For BH&H and HITR you can edit the actual mission by text in he missions\historical folder usually - if you know what you are doing (there is an actual "BHaH Mission Building" sub forum - check that out probably the best idea.




You can alter the flight density etc in workshop too. There is also a Mission Builder.

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