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  1. whats the present date ?? danke
  2. ahhhh crap, Enno has contracted Covid and will be on light duties for a few days. bummer
  3. No further flying till 3 April..... Booze up I guess
  4. Salute had this happen twice now. didn't see this in 1.20
  5. re: Patch 1.21

    Wow, this is gona take some practice. I keep getting "wrong location". Will have spend more time with this patch. Flown a few, crapped my pants on every one of them. This aint easy any more. Been shot down by Archie twice now...Bus written off and plenty of light duties afterwards. Could be very short careers.... and that without fighting scouts too.
  6. good, that's one less Tommy to worry about. settle down, just kidding (sort of). I'm gona be cringing when future missions involve ground attacks
  7. Feldwebel Enno Alfons Bockhackler FF(A) 18 Lb Phalempin, Flanders Aviatik CI , #123/15 End of Feb.1916 Stats: missions flown: 62 Flying hours: 45 Claims: 13 Victories: 5 confirmed
  8. hmmmm .......can't wait for the Roland to arrive
  9. Replacement aircraft...hmm

    it seems that the bomber squad will not go above 6 crews. I think we started off with 10. Nov/Dec saw a lot of losses. But we seem to be stable at 6 crews and the odd extra reserve aircraft. And yes BH&HII, I have also encountered this in the UE sim too. Not a biggy, I was just wondering why.
  10. Two seater question

    Depends on the date. They may of paired up early in the war, but with the Aviatik BII that makes no sense as they cant defend themselves. A BII spotting with a CI as escort makes sense. Later on, due to camera optics, German LB squads would fly high and alone as not to draw attention to themselves. The annoying DOP's by British airmen forced the german units to fly quite high before even thinking of going near the lines. On the other hand, the British (French ??) had so many line patrols that their 2 seaters could almost always consider themselves as being "escorted" and they followed the policy of using larger formations too. It seems to me that the Hun relied more on stealth and to get his recce done. As it stands now in Jan 1916 in the DID campaign I'm lucky to take-off or reach the lines without being jumped by N11's, which seems to match many accounts of British airmen reporting that most Huns would turn and run upon spotting EA.....unless they had greater numbers. As a note, I use the mission editor to remove pilots from my formation or cancel "A-Flight" to match what I think happened (fly alone mostly).. My squad of 6 aircraft has been wiped out completely more than once.
  11. Salute I'm wondering why my squad FA 18lb hasn't received replacement pilots & aircraft for over 2 months now (now is Jan 16 1916) We started off with 12 crews and machines, but nov/dec 15 was a brutal time. I have had to cancel/reduce crews and flights with the mission editor just to stay operational. I recall having this problem long ago but cant find the answer. Any help?? update: well we lost another machine and crew today. But new crew arrives in 4 days, and a CI has been ordered. Perhaps the squad is supposed to be this small??
  12. Salute, wondered about this one for a while now. My present unit is FA 18Lb (lichtbild....or foto recce). I'm getting a lot of bombing missions. I know everyone could bomb in a pinch, but we should be taking snaps mostly. So I'm wondering where or which file could lower or raise the chance of which missions are assigned ?? Oh, and if anyone could help me with the rather slow turning Mouse-trak cockpit view ?
  13. BH2 your mods list

    ok dudes, I'm all set up. I found that the newer GPUtuners (various ones) seem to make my screen go in and out of focus.?? So I went back to older one from BB (medium one).

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