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  1. Salute I've moved downwards into submarines. Still an old game SH3 but with mods I like it. Even has mmp. I keep thinking of firing up WOFF but can't make the time for it at the mo. I did try going back to ROF but the AI drives me nuts in career.
  2. Salute Witzer...miss U and the FiF games. I too have moved on to ROF, but not much happening there. I am waiting for WOFF here like many others, but its hard not to get into ROF while waiting though. I personaly dont care for OFF these days as it has just tooo many little quirks that bather me. Try ROF, its free, at first, and takes a little getting used to. If you like it, then you can buy planes...but wait for the big sales which come every 3 or 4 months. Led
  3. Salute is there a file that allows us to alter.....for 2-seaters - The type of missions assigned to a Squad. Say I dont want to bomb so much and fly more recce. -alter the plane numbers assigned to flights. I mean 5 DFW's for a recce is a bit much danke
  4. got mine to today. Not often that you hold a 1916 book in your hands. Old German is challanging, for a non German that is.
  5. makes one want to cry..mine will never look so good
  6. bought the German one as its quite a short book.
  7. arghhh crap.... I can get both German und English.....but which one would be better?
  8. no wonder they surrendered in 1918 yuck
  9. well, I'll bet that we will all be dead by the time these last "Two Weeks" are finished. Since P4 was announced I've....gotten married, had 2 kids, a herniated back and am close to my pension
  10. Bizarre Quirk

    Groovy baby, yeah its Austen Powers´ aircraft
  11. OFF dont recognize my TrackIR

    correct. CFS3 set to default2 for me and it worked (duhhh)
  12. OFF dont recognize my TrackIR

    Salute seems Track IR does not recognize OFF, at least its not in its list of games. I had to assign a profile and lock it "On" for OFF, default didn't work for some reason. Led
  13. Salute I cant figure this one out. ROF,IL2 etc no problems. OFF nothing. hmmmmm Led
  14. Salute no mater what I do, if I start a career before june 1917 the "office" changes present date to June 1917 Led Salute no mater what I do, if I start a career before june 1917 the "office" changes present date to June 1917 Led

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