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I'm trying my hand at the '62 NATO campaign, and I'm flying the F-84F. I've found that on CAS missions, I can't hit squat with my HVARs. Hell, I don't even see them fire they drop so fast. Might as well use bombs at this point. The sight is useless since the impact point is usually below my nose.


Any techniques for firing these things?

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I had the same difficulties. I was really good with rockets in IL-2, but when it came to SF2, I was completely crap. I think part of the reason for rockets dropping so much in SF2, is caused by the fact that you are traveling at a much higher speed than a prop driven aircraft, thus the rockets will decelerate faster (dropping as an effect) in relation to the speed of the aircraft. Its the same with a lot of the guns. I found that if you aim the gunsight a ways above the target, that usually your rockets will hit closer to the target. Also remember that rockets are a bit hit and miss; they work good fired in bursts, but not so good as precision weapons.


Hope that helps! :drinks:

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