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  1. F-104S pack for SF2

  2. F-4J_74

  3. Bumping this thread because it's exciting! I will talk to some people I know that do X-Plane stuff because I know they are interested and play the SF series. There is some incredible talent over there.
  4. Hello all, I finally got SF2 up and running again and I have fallen back in love with it. Man I missed all the aircraft. Anyway, how would I go about merging GH3.5 with the Ground War Expansion pack? It seems like if I merged the two, I would lose the custom target areas and stuff in the Expansion pack. Anybody know how to do this? Thanks! liamp51
  5. I have all of them...I really wanna do some harcdore Vietnam stuff again hehehe
  6. Hey guys! I'm back into SF2 after a very long time away from SF2 and flight sims in general. I'm currently finishing up high school and am working on my private pilot's license. I also built a new computer over this last Christmas so I should finally be able to run SF2 like I've wanted. I was just paging through the downloads and they look AMAZING. I am just lost as to what I need/should get and in what order. Could you guys guide me on my way to getting the required and best mods/mod packages again? Thanks! liamp51
  7. Yea, it's been a tough few months. Family troubles and the like. Also school and girlfriends don't mix well with flight sims and other "nerdy" hobbies. -_- I've also gotten back into FSX and am hoping to purchase a new computer this Christmas/winter.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm back after a LONG while away from SF2. All I can say is: WOW. I just created my standalone KAW game and am in the process of dumping everything in. It's just amazing what a dedicated fan base can do to improve a game. I feel like I've missed so much! I'm assuming the campaign won't be out until all the aircraft/ground objects are out? Thanks so much for making this a truly incredible game, liamp51
  9. Texting

  10. Is Stary Getting old?

    Happy Birthday to our favorite Polish man!
  11. For the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans Misery...

    Thanks man! Gotta try that out! Good luck, STALKER.
  12. Wildcat Dusk Patrol

    Hi all, Just finished this video last night. As you all know, I'm big into RC aircraft. I mounted this camera: http://www.nitroplanes.com/86p-988-dice-minicam.html (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) on the ParkZone F4F Wildcat. Lovely plane to fly as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxQWDi2GEGA&feature=related Enjoy!
  13. Eat Randy

    Well, I'd rather eat Randy...
  14. 360° Panorama shots of Swiss F/A-18

    Very nice! Love the F/A-18.

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