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  1. Yep..contributed. Don't fly SF2 anymore since I've gone to all VR, so I'm hoping this goes over the goal enough. And feel free to delete since you've already got it covered Wrench.
  2. For those without the Facebook...TK just posted: https://fundrazr.com/31YZNe?ref=ab_0soHaH1mXpd0soHaH1mXpd
  3. Tornado F.3

  4. https://store.thirdwire.com/project_sfmc.htm I wonder if any assets are transferable to SF2? Seriously doubt it. :(
  5. Yes, but can it battle Martian tripods?

    Still my favorite version: (and yes I know that F-100s weren't the movie...I took some artistic license building this )
  6. I present the most obscure flight-sim skin: The ORIGINAL Strike Commander paint-job for the F-16. Seen only on magazine advertisements, years before actual release.
  7. Haven't flown in awhile, so I loaded up SF2:NA with the North Cape Terrain. Strapped into my F-18A+ and rocketed off the Carrier Deck. Our task? Armed Recon...disrupt enemy supply lines and stop their dastardly invasion of Norway. Approaching our target area, I saw we were in trouble. For there nestled safely inside the Soviet Airbase, was a horror I will never forget: The Ford Econoline Van!!!!!! I immediately dumped all ordinance and made a tactical retreat. Better to live and fight another day, my friends...
  8. I don't know, it's all Greek to me.
  9. I'll do some testing and see. I've fiddled around enough that I've eliminated the ground-crash issue (for the most part)...but the AI isn't as challenging. Gotta compromise I guess. I basically had to go back to stock AI settings with a few changes regarding gunnery ranges.
  10. Whatever the default is for the mission. I've tested a Guns-only mission, too, and it still happens. I've seen them crash both with and without their External Tanks. For instance, I created a mission of 4 Super Hornets vs 4 Flankers. If I set the altitude for both flights at 1000 ft, a good 50% end up crashing into the ground....this was with both flights set for no ordinance. This is also over the "Open Sea" map.
  11. Ok, I've been trying to tweak my AIRCRAFTAIDATA file to get a good challenge. But my wingies keep plowing into the ground! I've changed: MaxPitchForAltitude, MinPitchForAltitude, PitchForAltitude, and a few others to keep them from becoming a smoking hole. I've raised the SafeAltitude line a bit. I've double-checked to make sure there aren't any settings overriding the file in the planes' individual DATA file. Could someone who's happy with their AI post what they've got? For reference, I'm flying mainly modern stuff: F-16, F-18E, F-35, F-22, etc. I can replicate the behavior by choosing a close formation, then asking my Wingman to cover me. He rolls right really hard till almost inverted then pulls into the ground. Kinda funny to watch...almost as if he did it on purpose.
  12. Which section, though? Level bomb, Dive bomb, Rocket, or Strafe? I've been fiddling with all of them, and nothing seems to work. My flight always turns back into the fight too soon and has no time to line-up a shot. Tested on F-18s and F-16s with Mavericks. Guess I'll give 'em CBUs instead. ;)
  13. Does anyone know which Data lines control the AI behavior for AGMs? Does it fall under [strafeAI] of [RocketAttackAI]? I've got Super Hornets that return to the CAS area too soon and can't line up a shot. They end up going around and around...eventually pulling into a dive they can't get out of and crashing. I had the magic numbers at one point, but now I can't see to hit the sweet spot.
  14. BINGO! Exactly what I needed. I looked though the F-15's file but I guess I missed it. Thanks!
  15. Is there any way to show the number of weapons that you have currently selected? For instance if I had AIM-9s selected it would say "4" or whatever I had left. I can see there's a way to do it by Station Number, but I was wondering if there was a call-out for 'currently selected' or something like that. Or am I hitting the TK wall of code?

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