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DCS: Blackshark for 27USD

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Ive never really played any study sims. Closest ive got is lock on but that not really a real study sim. But since its only 27USD would you guys say its worth getting it for someone that has never tried a study sim? Is the learning curve high? And how are the missions and re-playability? I understand that it does not have a dynamic campaign.



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No, but it does have a lot of missions and campaigns made by others out on the net you can grab and fly.


It does have a steep learning curve, mainly for just flying it. The avionics are less complicated than they look...I mean, you can really get in depth with them, but you can fight effectively with just a passing knowledge of it. All you need to know is how to use the TV Shkval for finding and locking up targets and how to use the gun and Vikhrs. It's really not that tough to fire weapons with. The hard part is the thing is a beast to fly, it requires a lot of finesse and practice to control it well, and when in combat you may find that you don't know it as well as you thought you did, and crash into terrain just trying to avoid enemy fire.


I spent $50 for it back in 2009, I don't think you should hesitate at $27.

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