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Dogfight variation in Single Mission

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In FEG, flying my preferred SE5a in Single Missions (not the user created ones) always pits me against the Aviatik D1 (by Stephen1918).


If I manage to win this considerable challenge I then get the chance to fight the various Albs, but curiously I only very rarely get to fight any Fokkers. I curently have all the Albs and Fokkers available loaded, all the marques. I usually fly in 1918.


I dont want to remove the AviatikD1 from my aircraft folder, just to get a crack at the Albs or Fokkers, but I would like a bit more variation in dogfights.

Is there something I have missed? Is there something I can adjust to increase the variation? I'd like a few more stoushes with the Fokkers in particular.


Time restricts me to flying one or two campaign missions on weekends and any Single missions I can grab during the week.


Everything else in this great series seems variable, right down to rudder movement rates, so I'm assuming the same holds true for my current problem.


Cheers and TIA


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In any aircraft's DATA.ini file find the parameter "Availability" and change it to RARE, COMMON, or VERY_COMMON. in your case change the Aviatik D.1 to RARE and the Albatros and Fokkers to VERY_COMMON if they are not already. Thats all I can think of for now. Hope it helps somewhat.








Availability=RARE <----------------------------- HERE









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Good work quack, that was it.


Aviatik is now only common rather than very common. Fokker Dr1 is now common instead of very rare.


I tried four or five single missions in a row and only saw the Aviatik once, in support role.

In one mission, for the first time as far as I can recall, I was pitted against Rolands as primary targets and Pfalzes in support. I was so delighted in seeing them I didn't bother much about fighting back, busy as I was just looking them over. All these crates and skins simply look superb in action.

Still waiting on the Fokkers but I know now they will come.


Thanks again quack.


Cheers Grinseed

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