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Douglas A4D-1 (A-4A) Skyhawk Pak for SF2

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Douglas A4D-1 (A-4A) Skyhawk Pak for SF2

Douglas A4D-1 (A-4A) Skyhawk

- For SF2 (Any and All, but Full-4 Merged Prefered*) -


*Note: this makes use of the A-4B lods, that are stock in most installs (SF2 & SF2:V).These and the cockpit may not be available in un-mergerd, stand alone SF2:E and most definately not in SF2:I. Hence, the 'Full-4 Merged Prefered' tag.*


The decal sets are taken from the various 1stGen mods of the A-4A, and where necessary I've redone the skin bits, using SF2 A-4B skins to bring them to SF2 standards.

This package included 4 skin and decal sets:


VA-43 Challangers (Gitmo, 59)

VA-72 Bluehawks (1956)

VA-93 Blue Blazers (1956)

VMA-224 Bengals (MCAS El Toro, 1957)


The VA-72 is my original from (whenever); the others were done by some talented folk I've not be able to ID -- as I lost the original readmes (if any). So, the credit is theirs for those skins/decals. I just edited things to fit. Where needed, created new decals.

Decal randomization is set to TRUE, so make sure you're at least at the July 2011 patch level (or whichever one it is...).


Data ini edits remove the refueling probe. The inis included herein are the latest, as of the August 2011 patch. All loadouts are stock ala the A-4B. The canopy is activated via manual animation, use Shift/0 to open and close. The landing light has also been added.


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them .... Of course, the usual "Notes" section. These will give you a nice mid-1950s collection of USN Light Strike aircraft for use in various "hot spots" of the time period.


Catch the 3 Wire!


kevin stein



with the release of the DLC A-4A, this mod became moot. However, the skins and decals can easily be adapted for use on that DLC.

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Ok, with the release of DLC #9, the A-4A by 3rd wire, you can STILL use this package as intended, but now on this new, and correct LOD. If you wish, and have purchased it.


Here's what you need to do:


unzip your package to the desktop or somewhere else safe and easy to get to.


open EACH skin folder in turn, and rename each and every one of the skin bmps as follows:



A-4B_Body.bmp ---> A-4A_Body.bmp

A-4B_LeftWing.bmp ---> A-4A_LeftWing.bmp

A-4B_Nose.bmp ---> A-4A_Nose.bmp

A-4B_RIghtWing.bmp ---> A-4A_RightWing.bmp

A-4B_Tail.bmp ---> A-4A_Tail.bmp


Then, using your image program of choice (PhotoSHop, GIMP, even IrfanView), open each of the newly renamed bmps and "Save As..." to jpg format




A-4A_Body.bmp ---> A-4A_Body.JPG

A-4A_LeftWing.bmp ---> A-4A_LeftWing.JPG

A-4A_Nose.bmp ---> A-4A_Nose.JPG

A-4A_RIghtWing.bmp ---> A-4A_RightWing.JPG

A-4A_Tail.bmp ---> A-4A_Tail.JPG


Use the largest size possible (should come out around 1.1k)


You'll also need to use the 3rdWire Extractor, and open DLC009, and extract these two files:





copy and paste them into each of the skin folders


Then, in the textureset.inis for





add this line:




anywhere you want, in the middle, or the bottom should work fine (I put mine just above the DecalRandomization statement)


you can do this for VMA-224, if you wish. (EDIT: maybe not, as it uses post-1959 double letters)


save each textureset.ini when finished.


YOu can leave the /Decals folder intact with no modifications. Unless you really want to dig through the cats and find the VMA-224 tail 'swoop' markings.


You can delete the A-4A *** inis that I've supplied, as they're no longer needed.

Coppy/Paste, move, however, the folders supplied therein to the appropriate and correct locations.


If you've done everything right, it'll work just like it should.


any problems, give me a shout!



kevin stein

Edited by Wrench

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works as advertized thanks Tha Wrench!!


OTOH the only problem I get witch is not really a problem as such is that I fly mostly SF2 E and I get the greyed out national insignia, but i do have SFv2 so it ain't much of a problem.

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you can always edit the decals ini where is says InsigniaFusR or L and InsigniaWL or WR, to just Insignia, and that'll work too

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