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WW1 Interactive Squadron & Jasta Locations Map

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Townsend's Squadron Locations Revisited


After some time has passed, I want to show again to our newbies

this interactive site with the WW1 Squadron and Jasta locations.

You may find it useful for your choice, where you want to fly.


You click away the national insignia you don't want to find;

they will fade to grey.

Then select the Display Type at the left. You can select:

- By Aerodrome

- By Date

- By Squadron


If you select "By Aerodrome", you can select a specific airfield

in the second top frame. Among the many little crosses on the map,

the chosen one will now be highlighted. (Hard to see).


If you choose "By Squadron" and then select a specific Squadron

in the second frame, you will receive a more or less zigzagging

line on the map - the course of the squadron from it's introduction

to the end of the war.


Although some fields remained unknown to the author, and some others

are wrongly placed, this may still be of some assistance and info.





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I discovered that this website must be viewed in a browser other than MS Internet Explorer for all the tool options to display correctly. It works just fine in Firefox browser.


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I've been using Townsends interactive map for about a year now. It's great. So much work had to have been put into building it. Lots of research. I use it for campaign building and a hand full of great single missions. Very handy to have in my favorites menu on my browser.

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