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If you have the old OFP around

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I still have OFP / Resistance / GOTY installed and running. What tweaks are there? I really wouldn't want to uninstall/break my modded installations (I have 8 keys, though probably only 4 or 5 installed at the moment) unless they made a significant improvement.

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Version 1.99 Change Log


- Improved: Default gamma and brightness settings

- Fixed: Two cursors appeared in some configurations

- Fixed: Login hack prevention.

- Improved: cheat / spam protection.

- Changed: "missionName" function now returns user friendly name

- Fixed: Preprocessor bugs and crashes

- Changed: createMarker function now works only local

- Added: isServer function

- Fixed: missionStart function on dedicated server

- Added: disableAI option for disable automatic animation selection

- Added: User defined maps in missions

- Added: function: array find item

- Added: function getWorld

- Added: functions getPosASL, setPosASL

- Added: Event handler AnimChanged

- Added: function getMove

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The only one that really impacts me is the "Fixed: Two cursors", and my workaround is Alt-Tab. The other stuff would either break what I already have or have no impact at all. I will still download it, but doubt I will try installing it any time soon.

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