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[Fictional] Eurofighter EFJ Typhoon

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[Fictional] Eurofighter EFJ Typhoon

This is a mod of the EF-2000 Typhoon from Bongodriver to make it look like fighterplane from the japanese air self defense force.



In March 2007, the JASDF opened a competition for the next generation plane. Among the competitors are the Super Hornet, the F-35 and the Typhoon. The Rafale was not part of the competition because of the fear, that american planes could be favourized. Nevertheless, Eurofighter threw the Typhoon into competition. There will be no decision until November 2011(Janes Information Group).


The EFJ Typhoon represents a possible version of the japanese Typhoon in the case it should become the winner of the competition. The plane will enter service in 2013 becoming part of the 3rd and the 6th Hikotai, replacing the single-seater F-2. While the 3rd Hikotai wears the standard grey camo, the 6th Hikotai wears the standard two-tone blue camo also worn by the F-2.




Simply drop the Folders into your Strike Fighters Mods Folder.





Thanks to Brain32 for adapting the plane to SF2-Standards and to Bongodriver for creating this bird!




A BIG BIG thanks to


USAFMTL (and various partners in crime) for his help and guidance and support.


Jimmybib and Sundowner for initial consultation on skinning and all credit to Sundowner for producing the final skins which are superb.


Moonjumper for his advice on some avionics matters


All of you for you encouragement and kind words through it's development


My Producers....etc...etc :) Oh god I'm going to cry..


Anyway I decided to release slightly early because I'd like some of you to enjoy tweaking this thing, theres alot of talent out there who can make this thing great.



Absolutely no part of this is to be used in payware but moddify the model any way you wish and re distribute in your own freeware mods as you wish with no permission required from me, just give me the relevant credit.






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Thx for this. Do you plan on doing a fictional Gripen for the japanese air defense?


Hmm, hadn't it on my mind before, but thanks for the idea! Any special camo style desired?

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