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Intense Strike Mission

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I recently downloaded and installed the SF2 version of the Falkland Island/Malvinas campaign and I must congratulate the developers! It's great! I did a couple of missions tootling around in a Sea Harrier, but I got the surprise of my life when I hopped into an Argentine A-4 Skyhawks and went for a Strike mission over San Carlos Water. It was INTENSE!


I first tried to fly the mission as profiled - which has you bumbling over the bay at 10,000ft. Needless to say I didn't last very long before I ate a SeaCat missile. Next time through I dropped to a couple of hundred feet and flew the mission that way. It was much better, and I hit my target, but the intensity of the AAA fire during the run was something else! Every ship had gun positions blazing away at me and SAMs were whizzing past. Most times I was hit or downed as I pulled off my attack run. I'm guessing this accurately replicates the intensity of the campaign. Nice work, people. Very well done! If you haven't tried this excellent mod - download it now!



Argentine A-4Q Skyhawk pulls off an attack run on shipping in San Carlos Water in the Falkland Islands.



RNFAA Sea Harriers patrol the skies over the islands.

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