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F-4J(UK) Phantom II

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F-4J(UK) Phantom II

F-4J (UK), Royal Air Force


=For SF2, Any and All (Full-4 Merged Reccomended/Preferred,etc)


This package will create a new aircraft, the F-4J(UK), as used by the RAF in the post-Falklands era, by No. 74 "Tiger" Squadron. This mod uses ALL stock, in game items for weapons (excepting the SUU-23black gunpod included, just in case you ain't got it). No lods or cockpit bits are supplied, as everything is referenced from the stock 3W USN/USMC F-4J. Loadouts have been adjusted to use RAF weapons.


Almost all new decals have been created, with 100% accurate serial and ID call letters for the 15 aircraft taken from US stocks to beef-up UK Air Defense. Historically, 74 was used pretty much ONLY in the AD role, but for fun & playability I've left all the other mission statements intact, excepting SEAD.


2 skins are supplied with this pak, making use of the 'change skin by year switch' from some previous patch or another. They are:


3-tone grays w/plane tail (1982-1987)

3-tone grays w/all black tail (1987-??)


**Please Note: these are Hi-Rez skins, at 2048x2048. End Users ™ with weaker machines may need to resize down 1 step**


All decals are the same for both skins; several of which are taken from Sundowners' original mod -why waste good decals?.

Decal radomization is set to TRUE, so be at whatever patch level is requried (post May/June/whatever!)

For fun, you might want to LOOK at the supplied numberlist -- look closley at the vertical column of call letters for the 1st six aircraft. See if you can see what it says!


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them!! The expected "Notes" section as well, for those interested.

With special thanks to Ant for uploading his Phantom templates some time ago -- it sure makes life easier when you've go the best to work with!! Any/all mistakes are mine, and mine alone.


Happy Landings!



kevin stein

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Oooh. Only another 12 hours before I get home from work and give this a jolly good thrashing...


Long live 'The Tigers'.

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The Tigers of no. 74 Sq. were great performers at airshows (saw them at the RIAT) and Tiger Meets (Cambrai). Fond memories !!:good:





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