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Republic F-91G 'Thunderceptor'

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Republic F-91G 'Thunderceptor' - JG 74 Mölders, German Air Force, 1955




The first flight of the Republic XF-91 on May 9th, 1949 did not attract that much interest in the non-aviation world where the main news item was the previous day's approval of the West German Constitution but the detonation of the Soviet Union's first atomic weapon in August 1949 made the development and deployment of a fast, high altitude, point-defence interceptor an urgent priority. By October the XF-91 'Thunderceptor' had been fitted with four Reaction Motors XLR11 rocket engines giving the aircraft an outstanding rate of climb and high-altitude performance albeit at the expense of range. The Korean War starting in June 1950 then added to the urgency of the programme and soon production F-91A's started pouring off the Farmingdale production line for an eager USAF and NATO air forces.


When West Germany joined NATO in 1955 the F-84F Thunderstreak became it's principal tactical fighter with the F-91G Thunderceptor becoming it's standard interceptor-fighter entering service with JG74 'Mölders' serving until 1962 when they were gradually replaced by the Saunders-Roe SR.177 (another mixed-power interceptor) . West German Thunderceptors were unique in being armed with the large indigenous 'Speer' infra-red homing missile which was the largest heat-seeking missile until the Soviet 'Anab' entered service in 1961.

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Amazing aircraft. Is this fighter inth download section?

No. The Thunderceptor is a DAT aircraft and is not available here.

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