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SF2E: TSF: Operation Isbjörn 1.1 Patch

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SF2E: TSF: Operation Isbjörn 1.1 Patch

Operation Isbjörn 1.1 Patch

You need Operation Isbjörn main package installed for this to work:



Kindly note main package version number as it may have been upgraded to include patches.




New Squadron: F 1 Hässlö

Operating J 33 Venoms, they are preforming Night Fighter duties for the Swedish Air Force. They will hunt Soviet Aircraft in all mission types

under the cover of darkness.

Minor Changes:

- Minor Tweaks to Ground War. Helsinki should now not be the first city attacked.


- Naming tweaks


- A number of minor campaign changes.


- paulopanz J 34 Hawker Hunter added for people w/o DLC 008.



The Venom is not the NF version, hence it lacks Radar. This is not a big issue in SF2, as the MiGs you encounter glady

put on their afterburners in case you cannot see them properly.



Thanks to: Pasko, Column5, Gramps, Wrench and paulopanz for the Venom.

Thanks Knug for the J33 Skin.


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I just wanted to say...AMAZING campaign...really brings the theater to life. Thank you SO much! :drinks:



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