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F-104G Starfighter, Generic SEA/NATO 3-Tone skin

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F-104G Starfighter, Generic SEA/NATO 3-Tone skin

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F-104G Starfighter, Generic SEA/NATO 3-Tone skin, (1024x1024)


For SF2, Any & All (Full-4 Merged Prefered)


Note: usable in any SF2 install with access to the F-104G


This is 'medium rez' skin for the stock F-104G; I call these "medium rez", as it's only 1024 x 1024. There is no partucular nation attached to this skin; it's "Generic" (however, certain contries may have had different placards - these, again, are generic in nature).


This is a "clean" skin, with no painted on markings, using all stock in-game markings (decals) - the decals ini will use whichever you choose (excepting USAF). This will allow skinners/decalers more latitude in creating country-specific squadron markings and such. The skin has a default start date of 1970; you can adjust as needed (again, a generic date of 1973 might be more accurate).


Included also are updated data and loadout inis, with "Nation & Year Specific" mission profile loadouts (in particular Marineflieger anti-ship). Updated version of the AS-30 and Kormoran 1 missile are included, for MFG usage.

*Note: the only thing NOT added is the Orpheus recon pod for KLU usage*


As expected, the canopy operates with the Shift/0 key.

Since the skin mapping hasn't changed since SFP1, this skin should (may) also be usable in 1stGen game installs that have the F-104G accessable. This, however, has NOT been tested.


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them!!


Happy Landings!


kevin stein


PS: the attached screenie shows HAF Zippers, with stock 3W serials, BuzzNumbers and national insigina


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I just droped the skin folder in my SFP 1 Patch 06 install, works ok. Looks good, Need A few INI small edits for 1'st Gen games (tanks ,weapons ,ect) other than that, Way cool Wrench.

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I'd forgotten about the 'built into the aircraft lod drop tanks' dosen't work in SF1 -- a simple edit of the data ini takes care of that!

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