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Stock cockpit stand-in for F-84F?

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Hey guys.


I'm working on making the stock F-84F flyalbe. The F-84F Megapack has some great skins, but the F-86 cockpit it uses looks a little outdated compared to the stock cockpits in SF2. I'm willing to sacrifice a little realism in the layout to get some better eye candy in this case (I know... shame on me!).


What stock cockpit would be the closest fit for the F-84F? I was thinking maybe one of the F-8 cockpits...

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I'm using the stock "F-100A" Cockpit... with its basic layout. :salute:


It would be interesting to delete cockpit frame parts in order to use the original model structure but I don't know these "mesh" names to test this modification!


Coupi :bye:

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The sabre is closer in general shape than the Huns


You can still open cockpit lods with your handy-dandy hex editor; it's only the aircraft lods that are lock away. You WILL have some fiddling to do with positioning, external visible meshes (on the external aircraft model) and other sorts of nonesense.

but quite doable

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