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Problems with WOE

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I've been having some issues with wings over europe recently, incomplete cockpit textures, missing models and untextured models.

I checked my objectdata.cat and it's there so i don't know what to do now, could the problem be that i merged WOV and WOE.

Has anybody had the same issues?

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Did you patch WOV then merge WOE withit? If I remember right you have to merge the two in a certain order, check the KB. I found that I liked them installed separately to retain the screens and and Keep the No. Vietnam migs out of Germany, also I pulled most the non No Vietnam fighters (kept the cargo,bombes) out of WOV. As far as things not showing ,Need Info,

What are you running

XP, Vista ?

are you merging Gold versions?

Whitch did you install first?

patched or unpatched?

Check the KB





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WOV is a "downrated" Version of SFP1. You cant fly all types of missions from single mission screen. There are also differences in the objects list, so if you use WOV as basic game some objects will have no textures or Cockpits.

Merging is a good idea for the second generation sims, but for first gen sims like WOE and WOV is a separate installation better.

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