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Ground Effects Collection

Ground Effects Collection



Just a few sample noise textures from the hordes I have collected & been experimenting with.


They replace the stock noisenormal.bmp that create an impressive feeling of substance, texture & speed at low level.

Enhancing already detailed terrains & giving new life to older low rez tiles. :-)





Select a NOISENORMAL.bmp from on of the numbered folders & place it in the specific terrain folder that you intend to use it for.


E.G.: \Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Terrains\Desert





Terrain texture needs to be set to High or Unlimited to see the effects!!!!


Best results are when that sun is at a lower angle, at noon the ground effect is not as visible!!!!


Some noise textures work better than others on some terrains! You'll have to experiment with what works best with your particular tile set.


As a guide this is what I use but you may find others more suitable.



Grass or foliage: NOISENORMAL - 7







All texturs have been tested in SF2 fully mereged. (BuildDate=Aug 2011)

I have noticed no adverse effects on my system & game settings!




Some users could experience slight haze or shimmering depending on there system, game & graphics card settings.


My FPS seems unaffected but some users could experience a slight FPS drop.






These textures have been made’ free to use’ & have been collected from a variety of locations on the net.

All credit goes to their original creators & only minor changes have been done by me.








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This is seriously awsome, didn't manage to try all of them yet...but...wow man, that's really cool :good:

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at last !! i have been trying to do smth like that for ages ... IF i only had found that there is a bump map "normal" bitmap used on ground too .... LOL (*double palms*)

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Doubt it for everyone but I’m glad some of you are enjoying the effects at least. :good:


I’ve been imagining different noise textures for each terrain tile.

Don’t think it can be done but its nice to imagine what a sand effect blending in to a grass effect would look like.


I’ve been playing around with theses for a while now. Got the idea remembering when some great terrain mods were made for Lock On. The main visual ingredient was achieved by enhancing the ground noise texture.


The terrain gurus here have been messing around with the “waternormal.bmp” for ages, with some fantastic results. I’m surprised we haven't seen more mods for ground texture already!


Just out of interest, if you create a new texture by tiling one of them to something stupid like 2048 x 2048 or 4096 x4096 you can get very high detail very low down.

Not that impressive for flying but great for close up screenshots of ground objects.


Stock Desert


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Yeah I was messing with the high res normals too but I didn't manage to make it so nice as yours so I gave up...


This is one of my old try-outs:



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Steelflanker, these are great! I tried number 2 on the desert terrain with jsf aggies tiles, and also.on israel.with stary's tiles. Looks great!


I tried number 7 with Stary's latest germanyCE, and didn't notice as nuch of a change, but it still looked good!


However. I tried number 7 with stary's green hell 3, and got an odd shimmering effect. Any ideas why that might be?

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Looks good!

It's a pity you lose the detail once you get higher up though.Even a noisenormal of 4096 x4096 seems to have no or little effect of the frame rate.



With terrain that's highly detailed like Stary’s tiles some effects are not as noticeable with all that fantastic detail that's already there.

- If you can’t see much change try ALT+C till the sun is at a lower angle & you should see a drastic change in the detail.

Between 11:00 & 14:00 the effects are less noticeable.

Failing that try using one of the stronger more textured noisenormal texture..


There seems to be a limit on how course a nose effect you can youse on every terrain before shimmering occurs.

Cretan terrains seem to handle stronger noise effects better than others though.


- Try using a softer noise texture & see if it helps or if you still want to use that spesific texture you can try lowering the contrast or adding a bit of blur a little in a image editor so that its a little softer.

- Also experiment with upping your graphics card settings, anti-aliasing & so on to see if that helps.

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