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Default cockpit view angle

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Feel like a newby here now - and I know this topic must have been covered somewhere, but cannot locate it in the knowledge base section.


How can I adjust the instrument panel viewing angle for one specific aircraft panel - I wish to see a bit more of the panel (tilt FOV downward a few degrees). Is is MinPitchFront= or Viewangles= in the cockpit.ini file??


Thanks to anyone who can reply.


Mike D.

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You can also slide the pilot (player) around inside the cockpit. That is the Offset=x,y,z vectors.


Position=x,y,z vector deals with the placement of the whole cockpit, player is along for the ride. Its kinda neat how it works. Use the Position vector to slide the cockpit+player together around the airplane, and the Offset vector to slide the player around inside the cockpit.

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