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USMC VMA513 Skin for Harrier GR.7

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USMC VMA513 Skin for Harrier GR.7

As requested http://combatace.com/topic/68858-usmc-to-buy-uk-harriers/page__pid__535106?do=findComment&comment=535106


Edit of USMC VMA513 skin from the AV-8B+ Harrier II to fit the SF2 Harrier GR.7 since the USMC has announced it is buying the retired UK Harrier fleet.


Credit goes to those who did the original Harriers and those who helped update them for SF2:








Simply drop into your SF2 mods folder and it should end up in the right place.

I have included the decals from the SF2 AV-8B+ but you will need the SF2 GR.7 for this to work.






Have fun,






P.s. you might want to add "USN,USMC" to the 'AttachmentType=' statements of the weapon stations in the 'HarrierGr7_DATA.ini' file to make use of US weapons etc




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