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RNZAF planned but cancelled A-4K Kahu II upgrade

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Before New Zealand signed and subsequently cancelled the F-16 deal in the late 1990's/ early 2000's and then got rid of its air combat wing all together, the original plan for the RNZAF Skyhawks was for them to be in service till replacement around 2007-09. A second upgrade was planned for around the year 2000 to keep their teeth sharp until replacment. The Kahu II program would have added a GPS navigation system, long range anti ship missiles (most likely the Harpoon), a laser targeting pod (the Litening pod had been chosen) and the ejection seats were going to be replaced with rebuilt UPCO/Stencil SIIIS-3ER seats as used in the A-7. The signing of the F-16 deal meant the Kahu II project was not need, however it was briefly reinstated when the F-16 deal was cancelled before the new governments intentions to completely scrap the air combat wing become apparent.


Stencil SIIIS-3ER seats and Harpoon ASM:

gallery_59028_683_164255.jpgLitening targeting pod and GBU-16, I have seen photos of Kiwi Skyhawks with 3 Mk83 bombs on a TER on the center station so I cant see why 3 GBU-16 couldn't be carried there as well:

gallery_59028_683_180832.jpgAnd who knows maybe If they had had the upgrade and a National Government was still in power they might have even ended up in Afghanistan: (Hay look a flying pig....)gallery_59028_683_89499.jpggallery_59028_683_63959.jpg

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Any enemy who would have seen those birds diving down upon them would be sensing Doom :)

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