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Operation Darius - Part 1

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Operation Darius - Part 1

Operation Darius


Mods Folder Paks, In Various Parts


As the entire mods folder would have been FAR to huge to upload, the varous and sundry folders have been broken down into many smaller, more managable parts.


You'll need to d/l EACH and EVERY part, and then unzip them into a temp folder to reassemble the entire thing.


Once assembled, you'll need to create a stand-alone mods folder for the 'NATO Action Group' (aka NAG - or call it whatever you want).


You'll then delete ALL the folders from the NAG mods folder, and use ONLY those supplied.


You can, OTH, simply install the GroundObjects, Aircraft, Pilots, Weapons, Guns, and Decals to a regualar install, but you do so at your own risk. There is a distinct possiblity of severe damage to said install.


However, use of the varous GroundObjects would probably NOT cause any difficulties. Many of them you may already have; 99.9% of the original releases were WRONG in how they were handled either for incorrect Nations applied and/or the complete and utter lack of proper Userlist.inis. This has been corrected.


As yet, there is no 'Campaign' built for this .. it's designed for running single missions, as outlined in the various threads in the General Discussion Forum. You'd be adivsed to read through those, to get a feel for what's going on



This is Part 1.

The zip file contents are as shown in the screenshot.

Sub-folder for the main mods folder contained herein are:








*please note: the HUDData.ini included MAY have the Debug= set to TRUE. You'll need to change it to FALSE. My Bad!*


Do Nothing With These Until You've Obtained ALL the Pieces! There are 6 in total, of varying large sizes, included the IR2003 terrain. All available seperatly.


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