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McDonnell F3H-2N Demon Ultimate for SF2

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McDonnell F3H-2N Demon Ultimate for SF2

This is the first of four projects I have been working on for the last 6 months. It will be followed shortly by Ultimate Packages for the F3H-2M and F3H-2 variants, along with a F7U Cutlass Ultimate Package.


The F3H-2N was the first of three Demon variants developed in parallel with each other. It was meant to be an all-weather fighter for fleet use.

Armament consisted of four 20mm cannon and 4 pods of 2.75inch FFAR's. Later the rockets were dropped in favor of the new Sidewinder missile which had just become available. Sparrow capability was added later in its life when most 2N's were upgraded to F3H-2 models.


Being underpowered was its major flaw. The original Westinghouse J-40 never materialized and the J-71 was fitted instead. Pilots called the Demon the "Lead Sled" or just "Sled".


This is a major rework of the existing F3H-2M demon file into the 3 variants. Almost everything has been tweeked to make it more accurate in appearance and performance. The skins have been painstakingly researched and re-created. Every squadron which flew

the Demon is represented here including changes in their scheme over time. The flight model has been adjusted to fly like the Demon and give you performance worthy of its nickname. The four cannons are present along with the FFAR's and early Sidewinders. There are new Hangar and Loading Screens as well.













NOTS China Lake

NATF Lakehurst


A read-me file is enclosed which contains installation instructions and credits. ENJOY!!!


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looking good!

can't wait for the Cutlas!

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I never had the max file ... maybe drop Marcello (Marcfighters) a line, and see if he still has it. Be nice to fix the flaps and canopy, too!!

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