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IRM problem in f-22a

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correct input









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The problem is still unresolved

all new (modern) USA and European IRM 's have this problem whit all air carft

all time first lock on launcher aircraft

I think the problem is missile

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Because the AIM-9x and most other IRMs are rail launched, w/ no delay in booster ignition.


AIM-7, AIM-120 all drop from the station and booster ignites after release.


in order to use an AIM-9x on the F-22 You'd have to either change the launch angle so the nose is pointing out of the internal bay,




have moving pylons so the rail brings the missile or angles the missile head out of the bay before igniting the booster. (which should have been tied to the door opening/closing animation.


The real F-22 only loads AIM-9Ms and only on the side bays.

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the problem is , those aim-9x and IRS-T takes on the jet it self thats because the FOV and seeker track rate set up to high values , its coded to lock on any close heat source from all aspects and various angles . SF2 engine doesn't support such feature because those modern missiles works on JHMC ( Joint Helmet Mounted Cockpit ) that means the pilot lock on any visual in range aircraft from all angles by just turning his head on the plane

to solve them you need to open your weapons editor and change the FOV and track rate to lower values

use the AIM-9L or M FOVs and track rates for better results

and also change the gimble limte to lower values

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the F-22 hasnt received the Software update or the JHMC to Fire the AIM-9X, the highest you should be using is AIM-9M

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