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Galicia - Eastern Front

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Galicia - Eastern Front

NOTE - This terrain is a complete revision of the Galicia Terrain. I recommend that you delete the original before installing Galicia Version 2.


Version 1 Notes:

Galicia was the name of a territory in northern-eastern Hungary and was the scene of major fighting during the First World War. It was invaded by the Russians early in the war, and was then recaptured by the Austro-Hungarians later. It was also a battleground after the war, first in fighting between Poland and the Ukraine, and later between Poland and The Soviet Union. Today the district is part of both Poland and the Ukraine.


My Galicia terrain is based on the Verdun terrain, using the Cambrai.cat file, from First Eagles. It is a cosmetic change and is not geographically correct. Everything is the same as the stock Verdun terrain except for the following changes:


- I have renamed all the locations in the Target.ini and Movement.ini with actual Hungarian place names from World War I. I did my best to match town locations with the terrain coordinates, but I couldn't always find an exact match.


- I modified the terrain tiles to make the trench line narrower. I have included new terrain tiles with all the trenches removed from all the no-mans-land and trench terrain tiles.


- Since the Eastern Front was much more fluid than the Western Front, I added some old battlefields to the terrain. Flying over a cratered area does not necessarily mean that you're flying over the front line!


- I added much more forest and grassland. This terrain requires the Cambtai.cat file because Verdun doesn't have the grassland terrain tiles. I also removed some of the villages and airfields.


- I have added Supply Depots. These use the airfield ground tile, but are covered with warehouses and other buildings, making them high value bombing targets.


- I created new briefing maps with the new place names.


- I swapped "Enemy" and "Friendly" locations to put Russia to the north.


- I replaced two buildings with my own LODs. "vCity7" was a gray cube with rounded corners and randomly scattered windows. I have replaced it with a town hall style building. "FrTownBuilding4" was a three story village building. I have replaced it with something more like a hotel. These building have their own skins.


- I created new buildings to replace most of the tents and canvas hangers. I made a Barracks building, a Headquarters building, a Storage building, and two hangars. I also made a (static) staff car for each airfield.


- I made new skins for some of the buildings. These skins use some components from max188's Hi-Res Buildings and from mauricepiesligeros's Gilbraltar Buildings. I have altered them pretty extensively and added my own details.


- All the airfields have been flattened and the surrounding terrain has been smoothed.


- Since the Eastern Front had less air-to-air combat, I made more ground targets. I added factories to many of the cities to increase the number of bombing targets. I added a few more balloons for balloon busting missions, I added some truck routes for armed recon missions, and I added some ground attack routes for army co-operation missions.


Everything else is the same as the stock Verdun Terrain. I have deliberately kept this as minimal as possible.


Anything that works with Cambrai should also work with this, so you should be able to upgrade however you wish. I haven't tested it, but it should be possible to use the Cambrai seasonal tiles with the Galicia terrain (but the trenches will reappear during the other seasons.)



Version 2 revisions:

- I removed the duplicate airfield

- I revised the hangars so they cast shadows now

- I added SpinyNorman's Air Raid Warning Ambulances to all airfields

- I repositioned some of the Anti Aircraft guns so they're not inside buildings

- I made tweaks to some of the building skins and terrain tiles and I fixed the trees so they only have one trunk

- I revised the Nations.ini, Targets.ini, and Movement.ini to be more compatible with the Eastern Front campaign

- I added some airfields with wider aircraft spacing for bombers to take off without colliding



Installation Instructions:

If you haven't already done so, download and install SpinyNorman's Air Raid Warning Ambulances


Unzip the file and move the folder named "Galicia" into your FirstEagles/Terrain folder.


NOTE - You must have the wwiCambrai terrain installed (which came with FE Gold) in order for the Galicia terrain to work. Any mods you may have made to your Cambrai terrain should not affect Galicia.


OPTIONAL - On my computer I made a separate install of First Eagles for the Eastern Front. I made map icons which use Russian insignia (instead of French) for "Friendly" planes and airfields. I have included those icons with this download and you can install them if you wish. - Warning! - installing these will change the map icons on all your other terrains as well.


To install the map icons, open the folder named "OptionalFlightFolder" and copy the two files into your FirstEagles/Flight folder.


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Thank you. I was really itching for something like this to use all the cool Russian aircraft and skins. maybe not geographicaly perfect but I think it's a great addition.

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Thank you. I was really itching for something like this to use all the cool Russian aircraft and skins. maybe not geographicaly perfect but I think it's a great addition.


Thanks whiteknight, I've been interested in the Eastern Front for some time. It isn't perfect but it will do until someone makes a real one.

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