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Hey! I have quiet a good training with 3D S Max, modeling and maping but never worked for the game industry, i was in the adverts and Cinema business instead.


I started to modify the data, weapon (AIM-9 H, 20MM_M39 gun) and skins on a F-11 F1 and would like to do a full "What if" F-11 F2 modif, this might include wingtip launchers, cockpit modifs (RWR, F-8 HUD), ejector seat, modernized avionics and flight envelop/weapon loads twicking, and eventually missions adapted to the new type.


Could any of you please direct me on the appropriate topics?


I'll try to post a few screenshoots later but so far nothing spectacular, only a greyscale "LowViz" version of the VF21 which i renamed Dragon Riders until i find out more about the USN Squadron and create a complete story line, i tried this to figure if it was working and i prefer the two tone grey to the original coloured one.


Merry X-Mass to all!



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Here, this will give you a rough idea of the direction in am taking.





I love this aircraft, previously my fav's have been the IAI Kfir 2, Mirage V, Mig-21 Lancer and F-8, but i really wish this one had been developed further...

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It's for Answers, NOT for question, comments, statements or other posts. Those go here, in the regular forums

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